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Ramata Sore - Journalist and Blogger, Burkina Faso

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Email response from Ramata Sore  - journalist and blogger, Burkina Faso 28 Nov 2007




1. How effective has blogging been in empowering the ordinary people of Burkina Faso and giving them a voice?
Blogging is very new in Burkina Faso and very few people do it. The people who do it are mainly journalists but they put their articles which are already published in their media.  But some of them give theirs opinions or information about events.
Burkinabe who access Internet like to read these information and put theirs opinions by using their name or pseudonyms. mainly they are very happy to get new angle of news on some blogs and ask bloggers to put always good information.
Is it being used for campaigning for change - if so, how effective has that been?
campaigning for change in what side and domain? I just know that people use it to publish some information and collect signatures about some social issues or to critize something.

2.I am aware from your article on Global Voices that the government cut the internet connection at a politically sensitive moment. What other actions do they take to silence bloggers?

It is my first time to see our government cutting Internet because he is afraid that people publish information on sites and blogs about Thomas Sankara, one of our former president. From 11th to 21st October,  the partisans of  this former president wanted to commemorate the 20th assassination of Thomas Sankara.
For our media like newspaper, our government likes to call the editor or the newspaper publisher at police station. In 2006, policemen went to the Newspaper Lepays and took a recorder and arrested the journalist who did the interview with soldiers.
How successful are their tactics in stopping critics online?
For the last, their tactics were great, because people could not publish anything even give some calls. the cellphone line and  fix phone were cutted so impossible to communicate. 
this tactic is also to put Sankariste, (pro Sanakara)  in the dark, to avoid people publish information about the 20th anniversary of Sankara assassination. 
 Have bloggers been arrested? (You can see my article on the impact of political bloggers in Malaysia via my blog http://www.zenguide.co.uk/2007/11/blogging-thrives-in-malaysia/) 
No, nobody.

3. How are businesses in Burkina Faso using blogging to market their products / services?


people like to use web sites to market their  products. I don't have any information about bloggs used in this domain.

4.What are the current trends/ hot issues around social media in Burkina Faso and Africa?

the current issues in Burkina Faso are politic, corruption, economical problems, food security, climate problems...

5. Are there any social media issues that you think is important for communicators in business or not for profit organisations to be aware of, especially if they or their clients are considering doing business or engaging in Burkina Faso?

In west Africa region or Africa, Burkina is a country where you can easily do some business, no war, no gangs. The climate is only hot 45 degree sometimes.

6.Can you also let me have a short bio (eg 3-4 sentences) so I can include that information in the book?

I'm Ramata Soré, a journalist and blogger  from Burkina Faso. my blog is : http://ramses1.blog4ever.com . I write about social issues to inform and analyse information for people . This explains the reason I joined Yam Pukri, Burkina ICT Association, and APC-Women (Association for Progressive Communications) and now Global voices.


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