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Mean Lux - blogger advocate, Cambodia

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Email responses from Mean Lux - blogger and democracy advocate, International Republican Institute, Cambodia - 28 Nov 2007



# You've been encouraging young Cambodians and also people from rural areas to blog. What are your reasons for doing this?

I believe that blog is part of IT field which is important to empower young people. Blog carries information and also keep bloggers informed. This way, it would encourage conversation among young people on issues of their interest affecting their lives, communities and their future.

# How effective has blogging been in empowering Cambodians/ giving them a voice? Is it being used for campaigning for change - if so, how effective has that been?

I could not contemplate any result from blogging in Cambodia yet. Right now, the number of bloggers are still small. On the other hand, blog community in Cambodia does not creating its value as a player in Cambodian media or information dissemination yet.


Up until now, only one journalist has a blog of his own and post his articles in it. It is a sign that blog could not yet get into the circle of mainstream-media people in Cambodia yet. Though many students and employees in Cambodia are embracing the blog.


# What has been the response of the Cambodian authorities to people blogging? (You can see my article on the impact of political bloggers in Malaysia via my blog http://www.zenguide.co.uk/2007/11/blogging-thrives-in-malaysia/)


Nothing so far. We heard about Internet law to be introduced at any time in the future...about 2 years already but we don't see that yet. I am looking for the draft law but could not find.

# How are Cambodian businesses using blogging to market their products / services?

Nothing yet. Bloggers in Cambodia use it as self-promoter. I don't find any product promotion yet. Anyway, NGOs are using it as an alternative to conventional website as it is of no cost.

# What are the current trends/ hot issues around social media in Cambodia/ Asia?

It is hard to answer this. Mainly on political issues - but not the real issues that Cambodian people or asia's population are facing on their daily life. Media seems to serve politics than the public.

# Are there any social media issues that you think is important for communicators in business or not for profit organisations to be aware of, especially if they or their clients are considering doing business or engaging in Cambodia?



I find that there is no problem with media for anyone who one to engage in Cambodia. One thing in common here is that the government control 99% of media.

# What was your personal experience of the Cloggers Summit?

I find Cambodian bloggers still know too little how Web2.0 (blog as part of it) could be a great tool for them in pursuing development, poverty reduction...and other social issues in Cambodia. Also, they could not understand many many tools of the so-called social media or citizen journalism. Anyway, it is a very good start. I'll focus on the points as next blog workshop will start next month.




Global Voices report on Mean Lux's Personal Information Technology workshops - http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/2007/03/13/cambodia-blogger-evangelists-urge-youngsters-to-share-knowledge-and-experience/


Wired magazine article on Lux - http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,68224,00.html


Lux blogs at Cambodia blog - http://cam-blog.blogspot.com/


Lux is currently working on Youth Program at International Republican Institute, Cambodia Office http://www.iri.org/

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