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Juny Lee - Account Manager, Edelman Korea

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Email from Juny Lee - Account Manager, Edelman Korea 06 Nov 2007


Dear Yang-Mai
Please see below for additional information on KiaBuzz for your reference. 
KiaBuzz (Kia-BUZZ, www.kia-buzz.com) is a business blog that has been developed to communicate its brand and products with Kia's global audience. KiaBuzz made its English blogosphere debut last September as a direct communications channel to converse directly with automobile bloggers on its new products, automobile-related vide clips, its development process and many other Kia related issues. The blog is attracting much public, media, and industry attention as it is the first of its kind in the automobile industry. It is continuously getting positive feedback as the company is pursing proactive dialogue with its consumers and visitors by "interacting with" instead of providing "one way" information. KiaBuzz is pursuing a horizontal relationship with its customers by actively sharing information, promptly responding and giving feedbacks to visitors, and allowing trackbacks.
KiaBuzz is managed and operated by Kia Motors Corporation's International Promotion Team, but there is an internal blogger team comprised of 11 experts from Kia's various working groups, such as R&D center, Overseas Communications Team, Overseas Sales Team and more, committed to writing entries for the blog.  Headquarters in Korea, North America office and Europe Office are all involved and writers' nationality, years of experience at Kia, and titles they hold at Kia differ, providing a wide range of aspects of Kia to its readers. President and CEO of Kia Motors Corporation, Euisun Chung is also participating in the blog as one of its main writers. Visitors to the blog are from all over the world too; Korea, US, Germany, England are among the 130 countries from where people are visiting. There are especially many West European and North American visitors and we are noticing that customers from Non-English countries such as Brazil and Croatia are also visiting KiaBuzz as well.
We, Edelman Korea, prepared Kia Motor's business blog for 3 month from last July and executed some social media coaching session for Kia internal bloggers. Our main role is the PR counseling for Kia blog management team.
BTW, I would like to list up some answers for your questions below:
1. I checked out the Kia blog, which has an international audience although written by the Korean team. What other Korean businesses blog and who are their audiences?
It isn't easy to find a proper business blog in Korea yet. Mostly, IT companies such as many portal sites, game sites have blogs related to their business, and their target audiences are those who are interested in their company and services
2. You speculated in your post that the CEO's item for the Kia blog was ghost written. Is that a common phenomenon in Korean business blogs? What is the view in Asia about ghost written blogs?
It is very important that you know that President and CEO of Kia Motors Corporation, Euisun Chung is highly interested in and supporting the management of the blog. So far, through internal meetings and discussions with Kia's International PR team, he has written two entries on welcoming visitors to KiaBuzz and on the opening of a Design Center in Germany, despite his busy schedule as Kia Motors CEO. The blog hasn't yet reached its peak, but KiaBuzz's management team is well aware of the negative and disastrous effect resulting from ghost blogging in the blogoshpere in the era of web 2.0. 
3. Do Asian businesses use social networks eg for team communication? For recruitment (eg Ernst and Young have a Facebook page for recruitment)? Or other business applications?
CJ Group has launched a CSR Blog for the first time in Korea. CJ is sponsoring and supporting, through a blog called CJ Donor’s Camp(http://www.donorscamp.org/), nation-wide “study rooms” for children with their Matching Fund system. 
4. A lot of Koreans enjoy Second Life. Are there any Asian businesses with a presence in Second Life?
Almost everyone in Korea is involved in Cyworld(http://www.cyworld.com), a very popular Social Networking Service. Second Life had already started its service in May in Korean, but it hasn't appealed to many Koreans because of its awkward translation and unfriendly user interface. With its official launching in November, many Korean media are showing interest, however, actual users are not too interested, which Second Life would need to overcome.
5. What are the current trends/ hot issues around social media in Korea/ Asia?
In Korea, a portal site called Naver(http://www.naver.com) holds 75% of Korea's search engine market and therefore, there are not too many companies anchoring their business in web 2.0. However, there are few who are adopting a platform in Social Network Service, and depending on their performance, we may experience changes in many online cafes of Naver and Daum, and online communities of Cyworld services.
6. Are there any social media issues that you think is important for business communicators to be aware of, especially if they or their clients are considering doing business in Korea?
More and companies are showing interest in business blogs, but not many are taking actions to launch one. This may be that they are not aware of the importance of social media, of public conversation and interaction with their customers and future customers. It may also be that many are not yet ready to go public, be transparent, be open and interactive with online users for many reasons.  In Korea, where online conversation is extremely active and influential, it is crucial for all to realize that ways in which consumers communicate, or actually, the ways in which consumers want to communicate have changed now; they now want to engage and dialogue "with" companies, not "being talked to" by companies.  In order to increase awareness of its importance and to call for wide spread of business blogs in Korea, Softback Media Lab has hosted “Business Blog Summit 2007” last May and launched a team blog (http://www.businessblog.kr/) on business blog where Softbank Media Lab, TNC, TagStory, Allbog and more Web 2.0 companies are involved.
I hope the above has helped in answering your questions.
Juny Lee[이중대]

Account Manager[부장]

Edelman Korea (www.edelman.co.kr

2005 Edelman 'Office of the Year'

2004 Edelman 'Office of the Year'

2004 Asia-Pacific 'Consultancy of the Year'


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