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New Trends in International Public Relations

by Silvia Cambie and Yang-May Ooi


Publisher: Kogan Page; Publication due date: November 2008



The Book Proposal


Globalisation and the wave of international mergers of the past years have had a profound impact on the work of PR practitioners and corporate communicators.


PR agencies are suddenly confronted with clients who, having bought a business in another part of the world, need to reach out to customers and engage employees in cultures they know nothing about. Corporate communicators are asked to develop strategies for markets they have never worked in and audiences they are unable to relate to.


We have never seen change of this magnitude in the PR sector. We are experiencing a shift brought about by a combination of new technology and new emerging markets. PR practitioners are under pressure to obtain results on different fronts. They have to learn about communication patterns used in foreign countries, and at the same time, they have to be able to integrate social media in their new global strategies. The Euroblog Survey 2007, conducted by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, revealed that 85% of PR experts recognise that blogs and social software are revolutionising the way we communicate and at the same time the majority acknowledge that lack of proven ROI and personnel capability within their organisations are limiting factors for using social media as part of their communication strategy.


The book will address many of these concerns and provide readers with insights, practical tips and real-world case studies that will increase their cultural sensitivity and help them function in the global village.


About the Authors


Silvia Cambie is a business communications expert and Director of Chanda Communications.


Yang-May Ooi is a social media specialist and partner at ZenGuide Social Media Consultancy.


Read more About the Authors


This Wiki


This wiki collates Yang-May's research for the social media sections of the book. Comments and contributions are welcome, subject to the terms of the Contributors Release Notice. Regarding our policy on referencing and citing online resources which are freely available to all, please see our Acknowledgements and Citations Policy.


If you refer in your book, article, journal, blog or other publication to research sourced from this wiki, we would appreciate it if you would acknowledge that you found the information via  this wiki as well as acknowledging the original source article and also, please add a link back to this wiki.


Wiki Contents




About the Authors


Contributors Release Notice


Acknowledgements & Citations Policy


Acknowledgements to Contributors



Book Contents


Ch01 - The World We Live In (1): The Real World


Ch02 - The World We Live In (2) - The Cyber World


Ch04 - Online Dialogues across Cultures





Blogging about the Book


You can read Yang-May's discussion of the book project and the social media issues being explored in the book on her blog at ZenGuide - see the Category called New Trends in International PR

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