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Erika Ruiz - Communications Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mexico

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Email from Erika Ruiz - Communications Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, Mexico 22 Nov 2007 (Extract)





# How are businesses in Mexico using blogging to market their products / services?

            Actually, blogs are not very well known in Mexico.  This is not a medium used to market products yet.


# How are businesses in Mexico using social networks like Facebook to engage with their stakeholders eg Ernst & Young has  recruitment page on Facebook.

Some companies, like ours, have an agreement with bumeran which provides a recruitment service through the web page.


# Do many Mexicans in their personal lives read/ write blogs? Is it mainly young people? Or do the older generation also engage online? How do Mexicans generally use social media?

Blogs are not so popular yet in Mexico.  Young people are still more used to chatting, although they are starting also to use blogs for networking.  Older generations are not definitely fond of online tools, only those who are still very active working for big companies.  Mexicans do networking mainly through business associations.


# Are there Mexican politicians / people in power who blog? Or are there any who engage in social media? eg in UK some MPs have a Facebook profile. How are they perceived by Mexicans?

Again, blogs are not used by politicians either or any other social medium.


# What are the current trends/ hot issues around social media in Mexico and South America?

I think we are just starting to know them and find the usefulness.

# Are there any social media issues that you think is important for communicators in business to be aware of, especially if they or their clients are considering doing business in Mexico?

Web pages and e-mail are still the most used media in businesses.


Can you also let me have a short bio (eg 3-4 sentences) so I can include that information in the book?

Sure, I am Communications Manager at a German pharmaceutical company in Mexico responsible for internal and external communication as well.  Have been 11 years working for Boehringer Ingelheim and before for a Mexican publicity agency. I have got some communications awards for our Intranet, internal magazine and newsletters for sales force.  Have got many awards for my company as the certification of a social responsible company by the Mexican Philanthropy Center for 5 years, the Ethics Award received from Mexico’s President, and as one of the best 10 companies to work in Mexico .  Currently Member of the Board of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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