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Contributors Release Notice

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Contributors Release Notice



We would like very much to hear from you if you can help us with our research. Please contact us   via the wiki contact form or you can also email us your comments/ contribution.


Where we use your contribution expressly in the book, we aim to include a written acknowledgement of your contribution either in the text, as a footnote or in the acknowledgements section in the book.


We are required by our publishers to give this standard notice to anyone contributing to the book whether online here on this blog or via email, correspondence, interview or other means.


By making a contribution to the book, you are agreeing to the following:


# the information you give us about yourself is true and accurate


# that we may use your contribution and edit it for any purpose relating to the book including use in any publication, media or any other form of dissemination


# you assign to us all copyright in you contribution and give consent for our use of your contribution


# you also warrant that nothing contributed by you infringes the copyright or any other rights of any third party or is defamatory or infringes the right of privacy of any third party


# you are not entitled to any payment from any source in relation to your contribution or any publication or dissemination of it


The reason we need this release notice is that the publisher requires us to give similar warranties and promises about the content of the book to them.


Thank you for your understanding about this.


 Silvia Cambie and Yang-May Ooi


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