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Ch02 - The World We Live In (2) - The Cyber World

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Chapter 02 - The World We Live In (2): The Cyber World



Part 1 - Web 2.0 and Social Media


Part 1.1 - What is Social Media? 


Overview of what is encompassed by this phrase i.e. blogs, wikis etc


Ch02 Part1-1 - What is Social Media (Research)


Part 1.2 - Brief history


First there was Web 1.0; now Web 2.0; and Web 3.0 coming up


Ch02 Part 1-2 - Brief History (Research)


Part 1.3 - Current and future trends


Invented in USA; early adapters in USA, followed by UK and Europe; now exponential growth in Asia; move towards mobile media; millennials; baby boomer retirees; democratization of business and political communications


Ch02 Part 1-3 - Current and future trends


Part 2 - Generation Y or the Millennials


Shift from hierarchy to networks; millennials driving demand for consumer electronics, entertainment, autos and fashion; crossroads where globalisation meets Web 2.0; companies using blogs and social networking sites to recruit young employees all over the world. 


Part 3 - Foundations of a new online culture


Part 3-1 - Authenticity, openness and trust


Foundations in US version of free speech and non-hierarchical business culture; issues in Asia esp. China; issues for hierarchical “command-and-control” style business engagement


Ch02 Part 3-1 - Authenticity, Openness and Trust (Research)


Part 3-2 - Conversation and democracy


Comments; ease of setting up an opposing blog; US political parties and bloggers; compare Asian governments and bloggers; OhMyNews and citizen journalism


Ch02 Part 3-2 - Conversation and Democracy (Research)


 Part 3-3 - Community and networks 


Alone at home but not alone virtually; fostering sense of community; but can also be isolating: Indian students suicide rate increased; Japanese suicide pacts; teens who blog and commit murder 


Ch02 Part 3-3 - Community and networks


Part 3-4 - Immediacy and Mobilization



All you need is a mobile phone and/ or laptop; Asian tsunami 2004 and 7/7 London on Flickr; Twitter and Mexican earthquake; liveblogging; news on internet before traditional media e.g. Kryptonite lock; Kathy Sierra 


People using social media to mobilize and campaign eg HSBC and students Facebook campaign; Italian comedian using social media to mobilise anti-corruption demonstrations; parents in China using social media to campaign re children who have been kidnapped into slave trade.


Ch02 Part 3-4 - Immediacy and Mobilization


Part 3-5 - Self-expression


Inviduals, previously voiceless now have a voice through blogs. A lot of inanity but also a powerful vehicle for self-expression in societies where the community is more significant than the individual and where dissent is discouraged.


Ch02 Part 3-5 - Self-expression


Free stuff


Software/ applications developers give stuff away for free; a "right" to free stuff on the web?; copyright issues; Simon Spurrier's book online for six months 


Be prepared, be very prepared (summarising Chaps 1 and 2)


Consequences for the PR sector; new approaches to PR emerging; what PR practitioners need to know and master in order to be prepared for the future


The need to integrate social media strategies within PR:

o Implications for business

o Business Applications

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