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Acknowledgements to Contributors

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Acknowledgement to Contributors - and others who have helped with the book


This is a list of people who have helped / are helping with social media sections of the book, which are co-authored by Yang-May. Thank you!


(I will of course be updating this list from time to time as I thank more contributors.)


NOTE: All contributions and help given in relation to the book are subject to the terms set out in contributors release notice.



Kevin Anderson - Blog Editor of the Guardian, whom I interviewed for an article on blogging in Malaysia. The information he gave me is going to be very useful for the book as well.


Asohan Aryaduray - New Media Editor, The Star, Malaysia, who also contributed some very topical information about blogging and free speech in Malaysia for an article I was researching. The information will also be useful for the book project.



Tudor Aw - Digital Convergence Partner, KPMG  who shared his expert view on broadband and convergence technologies


Sharon Bakar at Bibliobibuli  - creative writing teacher and literary impresario in Malaysia, who gave me some useful leads for an article on blogging in Malaysia,which will also be useful for the book project.


Angela Corrias - UK-based Italian freelance journalist, writer and photographer, who has contributed her views on how social media is being used in Italy for grassroots political campaigning and by ordinary people.


Richard Dennison - Head of Knowledge Management Strategy, BT (British Telecommunications), who told me how and why he set up BT's internal social network


Gerry Ditchling - Director and Managing Partner of Filgifts.com, who showed me their community forum for ex-patriate Filipinos


Jay Drayer - CEO of CareFlash, the health social network, who shared his personal story and gave me a tour of this specialist social network


Eric Forbes at the Book Addict’s Guide to Good Books  -  Editor of MPH Books publishing arm, whom I interviewed for an article on blogging in Malaysia and whose information will be useful for this book.


Rauf Hameed - Communications Manager, Tetrapak Saudi Arabia, who gave me his view as a professional communicator on the rising popularity of blogging and social network in the Middle East


Anthony Hazell - Head of Relationship Management, Democratic Alliance Party, South Africa, who shared with me how the Democratic Alliance is aiming to use social media to engage with voters and stakeholders



Neville Hobson - communicator, blogger, podcaster (co-host of For Immediate Release podcast with Shel Holz) and one of the leading European early adopters and influencers in social media communication for business, who shared his expertise on podcasting


Francis Ho of Kuching Kayak, who blogs at FH2O: Kuching Kayaking   - Director of Kuching Kayak, a kayaking tour specialiast company in East Malaysia,  whom I interviewed for an article on blogging in Malaysia and whose information will be useful for this book.


Virak Hor - blogger and web-developer, Cambodia - who gave me an email interview about the new blogging movement in Cambodia


Alan Lane - Reputation Management Expert, VASGAMA, who has shared advice on how to manage your reputation online especially in the context of Wikipedia type sites where anyone can write something about you or your business.


Juny Lee - Account Manager, Edelman Korea, who has given me information about the use of social media, social networking and Second Life in Korea.


Paul Littlefair - Campaigns Officer, International Department, RSPCA, talked to me about the use of social media in campaigning for animal rights in China


Mean Lux - blogger advocate, Cambodia, who emailed about the nascent blogging community in Cambodia


Gina McAdam - Director of strategic communications firm, Stratemarco, who introduced me to the use of social media in the Phillippines


Di Macpherson - News Editor, East Coast Radio, Durban in South Africa, who has given me a detailed case study of the Newswatch Blog


"Patroklus Murakami" - Second Life resident who gave me a tour and shared his experiences and insights into life in the virtual world


David Robertson - partner in web design firm Out of the Trees, who explained the pros and cons of SEO, RSS and email newsletters


Zoe Robinson - co-founder of T-Vox, the wiki and forum for those who identify as queer, transgendered and intersexed, who told me about running their community wiki and forum


Adam Rugel - CEO, 71miles, California, USA, who shared the reasons and impact for using social media as an integral part of his travel company's business strategy


Erika Ruiz- Communications Manager, Boerhinger Ingelheim, Mexico, who explained that Mexicans are slow in taking up social media


Anna Sayburn - Editor, BMJ Publishing Group, who shared tips on using links for creating community around a website


Ramata Sore - Journalist and Blogger, Burkina Faso, whom I interviewed about social media is being used by journalists in Burkina Faso


Kenny Sia at KennySia.com -  high-profile Malaysia blogger, whom I interviewed for an article on blogging in Malaysia and whose information will be useful for this book.



Lucy Soutter - for suggesting the title to the book as we walked in a park one summer morning.




Alan Stevens - Media coach and crisis communications specialist of MediaCoach.co.uk, shared his advice on managing event hijacks and viral videos.


Nan Yang - freelance writer, translator and teacher in China, who gave me her view on how social media is being used by political bloggers and ordinary folk in China.



Permission given to quote a substantial section from their work


The following have kindly given me express permission to quote a substantial section from their work:


BL Ochman - social media strategist, New York, USA, whatsnextblog.com



Thank you

Yang-May Ooi


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